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Dimes produced before 1965 are made of 90% silver and are highly sought after by collectors. Some error coins, which have mistakes during the minting process, can also be worth keeping an eye out for. But it's not just old dimes that are valuable - even some newer ones can be worth a pretty penny.

Among the most valuable dimes are the barber dimes, named after their designer Charles Barber. These were produced from 1892 to 1916 and are highly sought after by collectors. Another rare dime is the 1894-S Barber Dime, of which only nine were ever produced. It's estimated that each one is worth over $1 million today! So next time you come across a dime, take a closer look - it might just be worth keeping. And who knows, maybe you'll strike it lucky and find a Nicholson molding plane too!

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The Vintage 80's Barbie Star Traveller Motor Home Commercial is a blast from the past that brings back memories of one of the most popular Barbie toys of all time. The Star Traveler launched in 1976 and was a faithful three-foot-long scale replica of GMC's innovative front-wheel-drive V-8-powered motorhome. It had everything a real motorhome including shower, couch, beds, kitchen, detachable sun deck, and even a hibachi grill.

This dream car Mattel made for Barbie quickly became one of the most beloved and popular Barbie toys ever. It was so popular that it appeared in the 1977 Sears catalog and sold for $64.99! Today, an original yellow Star Traveler in its original box with all its accessories can be worth big bucks. And even well-used Star Travelers are highly collectible, especially those in rare color schemes.

If you're lucky enough to find one at your local yard sale or flea market for ten bucks snag it! You never know what kind of treasure you might find hiding in someone's attic or garage. So keep an eye out for this iconic piece of Barbie history and add it to your collection today!

Discover the Magic of the Vertical Post Plane!

Sticker Attached In Electric post

Have you ever heard of the Leonard Bailey patented vertical post plane? This innovative design was initially created in the late 1800s, and after years of patent fights, Stanley finally bought the design. Today, modern-day artisans continue to build metallic planes based on this classic design. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a vintage Leonard Bailey plane sold for big bucks, it's easy to see why they are highly coveted by collectors and woodworkers alike.

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GI Joe toys have been a fan favorite for decades. The first original action figure was released in 1964, but it wasn't until Hasbro re-invented the GI Joe lineup in 1982 as "A Real American Hero" that the franchise got a big boost. With a popular GI Joe cartoon launched that same year, the show featured over 200 vehicles invented specifically for the series, including the electric motorized battle tank known as MOBAT.

If you were lucky enough to have kept your GI Joe MOBAT toy from the early 1980s buried away somewhere, you might be surprised to find out how fairly valuable it is today. A pristine MOBAT in excellent condition with no scratches complete with its original box could fetch up to $500 or more at auction. Even a non-working tank in excellent condition loose could still sell for a few hundred dollars.

However, if you do happen to come across a working condition MOBAT in excellent condition with its original box and D-cell batteries included, you may have hit the jackpot! These rare finds can sell for thousands of dollars and are highly sought after by collectors all over the world. So before you toss out any old toys from your childhood, make sure you check their worth - they just might surprise you!

Discover the Treasures Inside the Hovey Family's Tool Chest

Round Brown Wooden 5-piece Dining Set in Room

Opening up the Hovey family's tool chest is like taking a step back in time. The chest dates back to the 19th century and contains tools passed down through generations of patriarchs in the family. Each tool tells a story and provides a history lesson on the family's history and their trade. It's no wonder that these tools are worth big bucks, as they hold not only monetary value but also sentimental value for the Hovey family.

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Tamiya radio controlled (RC) cars were all the rage during the 1980s, and if you were a car kid, you wanted one. These electric cars sold like hotcakes and were popular among kids of all ages, including adults. Tamiya's early off-road buggies and four-wheel-drive trucks were powerful, detailed machines that came with functional long-travel suspensions, big power, and grippy tires. The Grasshopper released in 1984 was followed by the Hot Shot '85 and Monster Beetle '86, each of which was a wonderful machine.

Spider Web on Grass With Dew Closeup Photography

Today, these incredible machines are worth big bucks. You can rebuild or upgrade them or repower them in some cases. However, even in stock form, they are worth quite a bit of cash. If you have an original Tamiya car lying around somewhere in your house collecting dust or hiding inside boxes unbuilt from your childhood days, it could potentially command thousands from collectors today.

Casual observers might not know how valuable these tiny cars inside their boxes can be to hot wheel collectors who love wheeled valor. Even reissued models or Mattel reissues that came out once again during the 1980s Hot Wheels sets are worth a lot of money today. In fact, some of these popular kits can sell for more than $500! Therefore, if you want to make some quick cash and find yourself sitting on top of one of the 16 greatest hero cars produced by Tamiya back then - be ready to count your cash!

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TV shows have always been a great source of entertainment for people all over the world. And when it comes to TV shows, Dukes of Hazzard is one that everyone remembers even today. The show was so popular that it led to a full-scale toy marketing blitz, with toy companies producing a staggering number of branded products. From Big Wheel cycles to walkie-talkies practically every kid wanted something from the Dukes version.

PHP Screengrab

One of the most iconic toys from the show was undoubtedly the General Lee, the Dukes' 1969 Dodge Charger. Kids across America wanted to wear, ride or jump inside this car just like Bo and Luke Duke on the TV show. With its sweet featuring roof hatch and welded-shut doors, it became an instant hit with kids and adults alike. So much so that these toys are worth big bucks today.

If you cruise eBay, you'll find action figures and Mego-produced General Lee cars including ones still in their original packaging in good condition selling for big money. And if you happen upon an unopened played-with Cadillac from Mego's "Dukes" line or its boxes selling - well - even better! Another hot item is the Mego-produced Boss Hogg Cadillac taking up space on many kids' Christmas lists back in 1981-82.

This content is imported from youTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.The Spy Who Loved Me Movie CLIP - Can You Swim? (1977) HDWatch onYouTube IconYouTube Icon

The Spy Who Loved Me movie clip is a classic moment from the 1977 James Bond film. In this scene, Roger Moore's Bond is confronted by a beautiful Russian spy while standing next to his iconic Aston Martin DB5. As the tension builds, a bright white wedge-shaped Lotus Esprit suddenly plunges into the water, and Bond dives in after it.

This scene is famous for showcasing one of James Bond's most beloved cars, the Lotus Esprit. The toy company Corgi even released a replica of the James Bond Lotus Esprit, which became a big hit with fans. Today, well-worn examples can still fetch high prices, but those in excellent shape can command even more as price ramps up.

The transformed press car featured in the movie was equipped with stabilizer fins and had its tail section pop off to reveal red rockets. The rear window could be shattered using a black button on the gear knob, and then ejected with another button on the dash. It's no wonder that this classic car remains such an important part of James Bond lore today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive old tool in the world?

The most expensive old tool in the world is believed to be a 17th-century woodworking plane called the Preston Perfect. It was sold at an auction for $81,312 in 2012.

Which company is worth the most money?

As of 2021, the company worth the most money is Apple Inc., with a market capitalization of over $2 trillion.

How much does a vintage toy cost?

The cost of a vintage toy can vary greatly depending on factors such as rarity, condition, and demand. It is best to do research and consult with experts in the field to determine an accurate value.

What dimes are worth more than face value?

Certain dimes minted before 1965 contain silver and are worth more than face value, with values ranging from a few cents to thousands of dollars depending on the rarity and condition of the coin.

What are the most popular toy cars of all time?

The most popular toy cars of all time include Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Corgi. These brands have been producing miniature replicas of real-life vehicles for decades, captivating children and collectors alike with their intricate designs and attention to detail.

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